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Kite in the Air hit the land of Beastonia earlier this year with a swirling gush of gooey electropop that was an immediate "play and repeat" addition to our extensive library. Their self-titled EP was a breath of fresh oxygen that revitalized both our playlists and our persons. Now, the kids otherwise known as Emma Lucia and WZRDZ are seeing their hard work pay off, as some bigwigs in the telly world have taken notice.
Two high-ranking genY targeted shows on The CW, 90210 and A Beautiful Life, have licensed KitA's song, The Plan, for use in future episodes of each.

Falling somewhere between Adult and Ladytron lead singer Emma’s haunting vocals float over the icy electro backdrop like moonlight on a frozen lake.The band have just released their new self-titled EP which is full of electro pop classics in the making. 'The Plan' is the point at which Depeche Mode and Goldfrapp meet. The Devil's favourite track 'Filed Away' is the sound your brain makes when plunging your tongue into an ice cold slushy, it's so glacial it'll give you brain freeze while 'Take It Or Leave It' is like a snowflake melting on your tongue on a crisp and clear winters day. 'Stinger' sounds like Ladytron performing in the bar in the first Star Wars movie. These Kite's are flying.

I’m not sure what they’re live show is like but conjures images of smoke and flashing lights as if they were performing ontop of clouds in the midnight sky. Emma’s vocals are illuminating like the glow of a full moon which parallels the light and dark contrast in each track’s production.

The EP includes soft songs like “Filed Away” that wrap you in its harmony that perfectly balances the upbeat, yet still quite soft, “Take it or Leave it” which is a catchy tune (you’ll soon be singing “ohohoh take it or leave it”). Another golden nugget in this EP is “Stinger”, the most upbeat track in which Lucia makes a good use of a catchy humming blended with a high pitched chorus. Synthesized, this is an EP than you should totally chill to.

Kite in the Air mesmerized me again with their second offering, Filed Away. KitA are, quite literally, the dream team of ethereal electro.

From the first sequenced note the music is hypnotic and completely engaging.

Pretty perfect

There are few things to speak of that are more beautiful than this, the second song to be released from Kite In The Air and their debut, eponymous EP, "Filed Away". There is a terribly perfect marriage of the synthetic (the beats, effects and arrangements) and the organic (vocalist Emma Lucia's bellowed vocals), the fact that it seems like the group has already anticipated their audience and the overwhelmingly pretty harmonies employed over the song's five minutes' time. Falling somewhere between Adult., Gary Numan and that feeling you get at the first signs of spring, Kite In The Air are sure to be one of the great stories of 2009.

We sometimes are privy to things that are instantly and understandably so good and promising, we gush and gush and gush--out loud.....his new project that is just ramping up called Kite In The Air, which features Emma Lucia on vocals (of Jed & Lucia) with production by himself and his WZRDZ partner. Mark and Emma worked together a while ago for a cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" for Meterhead, so these three are no strangers to each other. And Kite In The Air seem to be no strangers to really robotic beats, haunting vocals and super super super fun tracks that we can't help but want to share. The group's self-titled EP will be out next month and "Builder", the first to see the airwaves is a fun speak-sing romp.

Jed & Lucia, who MOKB featured a few years ago, have teamed up with Mike Genius, of WZRDZ, and launched an electro-dance project called Kite In The Air. They say it falls somewhere between Ladyhawke + Adult + Santigold + Azure Ray + Mu + Sebastian. Whatever that is, it's pretty hot...

The result is etheral and dreamy.

Emma Lucia (Jed & Lucia) takes on the vocals. Mark Reveley (WZRDZ, Meterhead, Jed & Lucia) and Mike Genius (WZRDZ) secure the tight production with their usual perfection. The lead single, Builder, matches Emma's airy/echoey pipes with atmospheric transitions that float in and out of listeners' ears with a passing grace.


released April 22, 2009


Emma Lucia
Jed and Lucia -

Mark Reveley
Wzrdz - (rhythmic cpu meltdowns)
Meterhead - (club bangers)
Jed & Lucia - (electrified psych folk)
Afrodisiac Soundsystem - (afrofunk vs. disco = afroheats)

Mike Genius
Mike Genius - (dance music for smarting)
Wzrdz - (rhythmic cpu meltdowns)



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Track Name: The Plan
Deep in dust
It covers you
Friend is clean
Sitting in the sun

It wasn't in the plan
What was the plan?

Hesitate uncover me
My fate
Give company
My life
My life

It wasn't in the plan
What was the plan?
Track Name: Builder
Hammer in hand
It's what I understand
No defeat
Just command


Will assume
to rule
Never falter
To conquer
My demands

Builder Builder
Or Destroyer

Start in sand
It's finger on the land
Dirt to stone


To invade
Half a battle
Got your mantle
Back on road
Last to stand
Track Name: Take it or Leave It
You turn the volume now way down
So you can counsel me once again

I'm shaken up
Oh I'm listening
I'm shaken up
Oh I'm listening

Have to say I'm feeling a little restrained
So we may just have to part ways

I'm shaken up
Oh I'm listening
I'm shaken up
Oh I'm listening

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Take Take Take it
Or Leave it

Since your ideals are set in cement
I shoud sever the ties it's evident

I'm shaken up
Oh I'm listening
I'm shaken up
Oh I'm listening

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Take Take Take it
Or Leave it
Track Name: Stinger
hmmm Break a bone
hmmm I can take the pain
hmmm Can you take the strain?
hmmm Now what do you gain?


hmmm It's a chase
hmmm I can take your knife
hmmm Can you take my life?
hmmm Will you be alright?


Stinger Stinger
Lingering here

hmmm Lose control
hmmm I can take the blame
hmmm Can you stand up straight?
hmmm Have you lost your way?


hmmm Like a storm
hmmm I can take the hate
hmmm Can you take the weight?
hmmm Is this your mistake?

Stinger Stinger
Lingering here
Track Name: Filed Away
filed away
the day
it winds down

A forest of
obeying all
that pulls me

My table neatly cleaned
and all
my papers

and filed away
we wait
for evening

The phone
I hear it ring
and again

It calls
falls into
the air
I listen